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Card deck publishing - Jennifer Barnfield

Est. 2017 when Affirmation Cards For Kids was created and later published. We work with and welcome entrepreneurs, product and service-based business owners. Some clients are from the corporate world, local councils, hospitality and public services. From sports clubs to hotel chains, we are able to create or co-create and bring your card deck to life.


Who are we and where are we based?

We are based in South West Wales, UK. Originally from Manchester, we swapped city life for beach life.

Jennifer Barnfield is the  founder of the Card Deck Publishing Company. She brings her passion for creativity and empowering others into every corner possible.

She is a leading Positivity and Visualisation Mindset practitioner specialising in effective communication, both spoken and written. Her card deck ‘Affirmation Cards For Kids‘ is a multiple award-winning card deck in Mental Health and Education categories. 


What do we do in card deck Publishing™?

We work with you to bring to life a bespoke, industry specific, empowering card deck that inspires your clients in their own time, group settings or during training, through the mediums of digital and printed publishing.

By publishing your card deck you will create a product line that helps you stand out in your industry and make an empowering difference.

We are passionate about bringing to life leading products with leading businesses and entrepreneurs who want to have a positive impact on their clients.


Why are we passionate about publishing?

Our mission is to have a positive effect on the world, through empowering others, creating powerful confidence-building card decks and increasing an individuals productivity. (Known as the PEPP method.)

By publishing your card deck this positions you as a leader in your industry.

When filled with your expertise, guidance, inspiring information, industry-specific method or inspiration; you and your card deck are contributing to and helping increase your clients productivity and their future.

When do we publish card decks?

We publish card decks all year round.*

Every year we run several 8-week courses learn how to bring your idea to life and publish your decks digitally and in print, to join the waitlist click here

Bespoke clients are those who wish to work with us 121 on their deck, in their own time with our guidance and co-creation as and when needed over a 12 month period. 

This bespoke service is for those who don’t want to wait, don’t want a course and wish to fast track their card deck idea.

*Christmas printing deadline is September 30th, to ensure your customer can receive their decks BEFORE Christmas Day.

Communication, Creation & Connection

Imagine the results and support you’re able to offer your clients when you communicate your expertise with clarity, through the creation of a card deck which connects with your clients, resulting in better, faster, deeper, more inspired and empowered clients.


Creating a bespoke card deck is more powerful than many realise as they are a hybrid product line that marries together the e-commerce world and publishing industry.

Creating a bespoke card deck allows you to get ahead of the service industry, whilst communicating your industry knowledge, guidance, inspiring information and empowerment with ease, and can be used in your clients’ own time whilst being affordable at the same time.

  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Create something different and interesting with our help.
  • A new audience awaits your expertise.

Card deck publishing is a concept being taken on by businesses around the world.


Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using other mediums.

Impart your industry knowledge to help clients improve, develop and be inspired in their own time.

Here at Card Deck Publishing, we see how clients love to learn, especially in their own time.

This has generated so much passion within us to help you bring your card deck to life using your communication in a clear, concise and simplistic format.

Card decks can be used in the corporate industry for team training sessions and are a great product to complement your business.


Creation is the action or process of bringing something into existence which has been made or invented.

Bring to life a bespoke card deck containing your expertise, guidance and inspiration.

More and more companies are now becoming increasingly innovative in how they combine their products and services.


  • Health and wellness experts are using to support their clients through the coaching process.
  • Fitness experts are using them to support their clients when they work out outside of training sessions, at a time that suits the clients.
  • Coaching experts are using them as an extension of their sessions and guidance to gain faster and deeper results.


Connection is a relationship in which a person is linked or associated, those with influence and able to offer one help.

Connect your clients with your expertise and industry knowledge.

Introducing a card deck to your services and other areas of your business is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

This allows you to connect with and support your clients using a variety of methods ensuring that you’re there supporting your clients when you’re not present.

Card decks could be used as a welcome gift, luxury gift or part of a mastermind. They make for an uplifting tool your clients and customers could benefit from.


We all shuffle our own deck in life.

The deck is our brain, the cards are our thoughts, the results we get will determine if we are giving ourselves a fair deal.

Do you have an authentic dealer?

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The Founder

Jennifer Barnfield is a leading Positivity and Visualisation Mindset practitioner specialising in effective communication, both spoken and written.

She is an inspirational public speaker, a number one best-selling author, a former British, Welsh and Scottish ice dance champion, and an international silver medallist. She recently worked in Saudi Arabia for the Royal Family on an award-winning event involving ice rinks in the desert.

With over 20 years of experience in helping to create confident, winning mindsets and extensive knowledge and ability to harness effective and positive communication, Jennifer now helps entrepreneurs and business owners feel fully empowered in their ability to communicate, support and guide customers. Without the need for screen-time, she teaches the process of creating bespoke card decks, introduces the concept of a semi-passive income stream and how to increase a client’s exposure to more customers.

Card deck publishing - Jennifer Barnfield
Card deck publishing - Jennifer Barnfield

In 2017 Jennifer created The PEPP Method™ (positivity, empowerment, power, productivity), a method that uses both the scientific and holistic understanding of positive thinking and creating positive mindsets.

She started Affirmation Cards For Kids to help the youngest of children to increase their positivity in language and carry and hold onto this powerful mindset and knowledge throughout their life.

Jennifer is also a Business Wales Mentor and has been featured in Top Santè, Baileys Global Commercials, Manchester Evening News, Business News Wales and spoken on the subject of mental health on Radio Aire, UK Health Radio and the Welsh radio station BGM Radio servicing hospitals. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur and has been awarded Top 100 Businesswomen in Wales twice (2018 and 2019) and was a finalist in the North West Positive Awards.

She doesn’t ever stop being motivational, but when she’s not working she can be found walking along the beaches, spending time with her family and continuing to offer positive and uplifting support through spoken word, text and across social media. She also loves a good Netflix binge too.

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Card deck publishing - Jennifer Barnfield