Kind Words

Nina Airey

I completed Jen’s create your cards challenge and subsequent group (which is a total bargain by the way!), and she is soooo good. Super clear, simple, accessible with the perfect amount of challenge and support – she genuinely wants to share her knowledge and her support, motivation and inspiration is infectious and fantastic. Judgement free, completely open and happy to share your breadth and depth of knowledge which is invaluable to the process.

The level of detail in the 8-week course is amazing – yet you deliver it in a really simple, concise and clear way. It is such an enjoyable, creative journey with an actual personalised practical product to offer clients at the end!

Hannah Brown

Jennifer is so helpful, she took the time out to answer all of my questions, to point me in the right direction and offer me plenty of advice about creating my own affirmation cards. She is so friendly and no question is silly (I had no idea where to start so asked lots of basic questions.). Thank you Jennifer, for being so helpful, I would highly recommend you to anyone. Hannah x

Sian Lloyd

I would just like to say a huge thank you for the 1-2-1 create your own card pack course. The time was absolutley invaluable! I lead a busy life working full time and running my business, so to have everything I need given to me at once, in the most simple to understand way was great. I am halfway through creating my pack of cards and I feel so empowered! It has made the process so doable for me and I’m so excited to get them finished! Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. It was worth every penny!
Best wishes,

Carry-Louise Hansell

Just finished the 8-week course ran by Jennifer and it has been such an amazing, informative and inspiring journey! I’m so glad I’ve had the mentorship of Jen because this was a much more in-depth process than I’d anticipated! Jen’s support is exceptional, she’s there to answer any and all questions and takes time to listen to what you truly want and need.
My cards are nearly ready to go! I’m so glad that I opted for the VIP package otherwise I’d still be in the ideas stage if I was left to my own devices! lol
If you’re thinking about bringing your card deck idea to life then I’d highly recommend accessing the course, well worth the investment. Thanks Jen! 💗

Rebecca Lowrie

Omg, I can actually see the light at the end of the card deck tunnel! They’re soooo close to being ready to go to print!
Could not and would not be here without Jennifer’s incredible card deck course and her truly heartfelt passion for helping you make your cards really work for your business.
If you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not to join her next class, just do it. Seriously. If it hadn’t been for the course and Jen’s tireless support I’d still be just thinking about doing it instead of almost ready to print.

Sue Williams

I have found it so helpful doing your card deck course. It has reignited my enthusiasm for an oracle card deck I had created previously to the extent that I am going to get it updated and re-released, this time with a better understanding of how to go about utilising and promoting the cards. I have drafted a companion guide and shared this for feedback with another member of the group. I will also go on to create a second deck to accompany a book I have published. I really appreciate your enthusiasm, support and willingness to answer all questions – even when you have covered them before in your lives! So pleased that I signed up to do the course!!

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