Digital Card Decks™

Digital card decks™; the NEW WAY to use a card deck.

If your clients prefer to be digital and/or screen based rather than use a product to learn, develop and progress, then going digital with your card deck is for you.

Going digital with your card deck can hugely benefit your business because your clients and customers can access it via the Deckible App (free to download on both on Apple and Android) and purchase your deck to use immediately.


Think Audible but for Card Decks…

You can have your own library of training, coaching, inspirational or even topic lead card decks, maybe even different versions for different clients.

So whether you’re looking to create your own digital card deck or you have a card deck and would like to ‘Go Digital’ with it, get in touch via


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Award-Winning – Best Specialist in Mental Health Products

Sarah Bolitho – Fabnewlous Transformation

Sue Palmer Cohn – Plan the Marriage, not the Wedding

BulliesOut – Believe In You; Affirmation Cards 

Ligia Costa – T.R.U.S.T. Journalling Card Deck


Who would have thought Passive Income can be made with card decks!

Many wish their card decks were on Amazon, being bought wholesale in bulk or stored at a fulfilment centre for global sales?

So how can we put your card deck into clients’ and customers’ hands whilst reducing what they carry and enabling them to have a library of literally hundreds of card decks all at one time? 

Digital Decks™ are the answer to this.

Digitising your card deck means your clients and customers can take their library of card decks with them wherever they have their phone. 

You can use a digital card deck to inspire your clients ‘on-the-go’ and never be without help, inspiration, guidance, and development.

Let’s Digitise Your Card Deck™ 

Let’s Bring Your Card Deck To Life with the Create Your Card Deck Course™!

Card deck publishing - Jennifer Barnfield